AAP/APRP Buddy Program

This program pairs aspiring ACH Professionals with a current AAP/APRP who has volunteered his or her time as a mentor.

Future AAPs/APRPS and their buddies often have weekly or monthly check-ins or emails, though you have the freedom to arrange that partnership in a way that suits your needs. First and foremost, AAP/APRP buddies should be available to answer your questions. They can also send payments-related questions to you as the mentee, prompting you to study a specific area and providing hints as to necessary resources. Buddies also provide positive support for future AAPs/APRPs, encouraging you to continue your studies and prepare to pass the exam.

Need a Buddy

Grow Your Knowledge.  Gain a Buddy

If you would like to be paired with an AAP/APRP Buddy, please send an email to aapbuddyprogram@nacha.org with subject line “Need a Buddy.”