AAP/APRP Buddy Program

When you were preparing to take the AAP or APRP Exam did you ever wish you had someone to talk to, ask questions, and look to for encouragement? Now you can be that person to an aspiring AAP/APRP!

 NACHA is pleased to offer the AAP/APRP Buddy Program. This program pairs aspiring AAPs/APRPs with a current AAP/APRP who has volunteered their time to help guide the perspective AAP/APRP throughout their study period. If you would like to learn more or wish to be paired with an aspiring AAP/APRP please send an e-mail to aapbuddyprogram@nacha.org and indicate “Be a Buddy” in the subject line. 

 Participation in the AAP/APRP Buddy Program is now eligible for 2.5 continuing education credit hours per year! The following criteria must be met in order to earn your credits:

  • Must be enrolled in AAP/APRP Buddy Program no later than the start of the exam window of the year for which the credit is being earned.
  • Must contact your mentee at least monthly (note: you are able to contact them as much as you wish but must be at least monthly).
  • The credits will be earned regardless of exam results of your mentee.
  • Mentees will be surveyed to determine level of participation for the mentor.

Being a buddy will not require a large time commitment, but it will allow you to help the AAP/APRP Program grow. Sign up today! Be A Buddy



Help an Aspiring AAP/APRP

Some examples of how to assist your AAP/APRP Buddy include:

  • Weekly or monthly “check-in” calls or emails to see how your Buddy is coming along in their studies
  • Weekly or monthly emails with AAP/APRP-related questions with hints as to the reference material they can use to access the answer
  • Encouraging emails or calls to prevent your Buddy from getting discouraged
  • Ask your Buddy if they have signed up for training in their area; encourage your Buddy to contact their Regional Payments Association or NACHA for more information about training opportunities