Course Licensing

How to License a Continuing Education Course

Add value to your educational offerings by licensing your organization's Continuing Education Courses to count as Accredited ACH Professional renewal credits.  When you apply to NACHA to license your educational offerings, you'll benefit both the employees who attend those course as well as providing your organization's own AAPs with teaching opportunities.

To license your course as providing AAP Continuing Education credit, and to use the AAP name and logo, you must complete NACHA’s application form. Your organization will need to include a timed agenda for the course as well as an outline of the content, the length of sessions, scheduled breaks and meals, and the name(s) of presenters or speakers. To ensure that we can review your application in a timely fashion, send it at least one month before you hope to offer the Continuing Education course. A fee of $95 per continuing education credit is also due with the application.
In order to be eligible for licensing, your course must relate to one of the six general ACH topic areas:
General Payment Overview/Comparative Payment Systems
Marketing & Products
Risk Management
Rules & Regulations
Operational Process/Flow
Technical Standards/Format 

NACHA will review your proposal to determine whether it fits the topical criteria for AAP renewal credit, as described in the AAP Program Policies. We’ll also review your organization’s and speakers’ compliance with the AAP Code of Conduct.
Subjects that will not qualify for AAP credit include, but are not limited to, sessions specific to organizational products or sales, career advancement training or network software training.
When you’re granted a temporary license to offer an AAP Continuing Education Course, and to use the AAP name and logo, your employees will have the chance to earn credits toward their AAP status renewal. However, NACHA and the AAP Blue Ribbon Panel do not endorse the content or accuracy of any information provided in Continuing Education courses, seminars or training sessions.