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Seeking Our Next 2 Payments Rock Stars @ TCHPA!


Two Positions Open:  Member Services Specialist and Payments Compliance Specialist - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The best of both worlds - leverage your experience in payments without working at a bank or credit union...because you can work for 12% of the financial institutions in the country!
We are looking for our next two team players to join our experienced group of payments professionals.  Our mission is to be the best payments organization we can, with the best educated members in the industry. The Clearing House (TCH) is working to improve the payments system with a focus on faster payments (our RTP rail), security (payments tokenization) and other innovation projects to drive banking success.  As a specialized team within TCH, we are on the front line when it comes to these initiatives along with TCH's processing roles as an ACH operator (EPN), our CHIPS wire transfer system and our check image exchange services.  It's exciting to be part of the TCH family.

The Member Services Specialist helps with the day to day interaction with members and supports our core membership deliverables:  Daily payments rules support, payments education and resources, payment consulting and compliance work, and industry engagement events and opportunities.  Looking for multi tasking, problem solving and a passion for member service.

The Payments Compliance Specialist brings operations experience and the AAP credential to work.  You will travel to a variety of banks and credit unions to complete contracted engagements, contribute to our educational offerings, develop valuable resources and in general share your brilliance with others.  Looking for poise, professionalism and a passion for rules compliance. 

Follow the links above or head to for more information.  Talk soon!