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​As I am sure with many of you, we have customers who know the flow of how our items are posted and rely on things posting that way.  With that said, I see a real problem with these same people being upset about same day items posting.  At first this didn't seem that important, but with all the recent attention to the amount of NSF customers have and banks being fair concerning NSF Charges, it does now.  Is anyone sending out general information regarding this to all their banking customers?  If so, does anyone have some verbiage they can share with me?​
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I attended TPI in 2014 and it was the best training program I've experienced in my professional career. All of the instructors held a mastery of the subject they were teaching and were always willing to address my questions - during class, after class, even during lunch. The customer service I received from NACHA both before, during, and after TPI was excellent. A direct result of TPI was that I passed the AAP, but TPI also provided me with knowledge that I use in my job on a daily basis and also connected me with other payment professionals that have served as great resources for myself and for my agency.